FAQ's on Brow Lamination

So what is brow lamination? Eyebrow lamination is the new black for eyebrows. It's an amazing service that is good for just about any eyebrow. Even thin eyebrows can get a measure of fullness from this treatment.

This service helps create shape, fullness and definition.  It can take a thin brow and turn it into a well defined, fuller looking brow. Lamination gives a well kept look, allows the brows to be manageable and can last up to 6 weeks.It's great for eyebrows that don't follow a consistent pattern or for those who use brow gel to keep their brow hair in place. This treatment is usually paired with brow tint, waxing and shaping. Since brow lamination involves chemicals that help relax the brow hair, patch testing is recommended to ensure the client's tolerance of the product.

Like many services being offered, there is a plethora of brands out there.  Some brands use glue as part of the treatment, others use cling wrap.  Whatever brand you use, make sure that you are knowledgeable in the product protocol.  Many people switch brands and use them the same way their old brand was used and then think the product is inferior when the results are not optimum. Call your distributor or sales rep for more concise information on usage or take a conversion course if you know how to do the service and just need usage information on the product.   Whatever you do, don't use a product that you are not familiar with and expect good results.  

Clients are better educated and look for certifications or check reviews on your location.  Give your client your best and invest in education.  You can never go wrong with educating yourself or updating your knowledge.  No client should be a one ticket client.  Establish a long term relationship from the start.