How do you stand out in the crowd of professionals waxing eyebrows?  You stand out by not just "doing your best" but by listening to what your clients want.  So what do they want?  Well, have you asked them?  Are you listening to them when they tell you what they "hate or love" about their brows?  

Everyone is different, something we as estheticians must never forget.  You've got the timid client who very rarely tells you very much and then there is the client on the opposite spectrum who knows exactly what she wants and makes sure you know it.

We have to constantly evolve and learn.  Don't let your client leave with brows that they can achieve at some bargain salon or even at home.  A client should look finished when they leave, be it with a finishing brow gel to look clean and groomed or filled in to look ready for the day.  They should have the option of being able to schedule brow tinting which adds another dimension to brow design.

You should also be able to recommend products to your clients that help them reach their "brow goals".  Whether it's the cost effective castor oil or higher end products that you can offer them at your location.  Never assume someone knows what to do or what products are out there to help them.  There are definitely savvy consumers out there but there are also many who really need to be educated.  Be there for them as well as the savvy ones.  That's our job and what clients want and expect.

Whether or not you include microblading or permanent makeup in your services, you should be able to help educate your clients who may have questions or desire to possibly have this service.  Your clients trust you and will look to you for guidance.  Learn, talk to microblade artists and help your clients decide whether this is an alternative that they might find beneficial.  

Remember, if we don't evolve, our clients, no matter how loyal, will look elsewhere.  Let the competition motivate you and make you better.