Brow Henna has become one of the more popular brow services that we can offer our clients.  The boldness and richness that it offers is an attractive alternative for those who don't want permanent make-up or to fill in their brows every morning. Henna is a natural product that pigments the skin temporarily and needs no peroxide, only water. Frequent use stimulates hair growth, making hair brighter, smoother and healthier. Its effect can last between 5 and 10 days on the skin (depending on the care and type of skin) and 20 days on the brow hair. 

It's important to educate your clients on the services that best meet their needs.  For some, microblading, permanent make-up are the answers to their brow dreams.  For others, a simple eyebrow tint, such as Berrywell is all they want and need.  Brow henna has been around for awhile but has gained popularity as of late.  Many clients don't know much about it.  Although it's very similar to brow tinting, the effects are bolder and more defined.  

Give your client tips on how to maintain there new henna brows.  The correct after care can help it last and look fresh longer.  The less water and soap the brows get the better. Henna last less on those who work out and sweat alot and for those with oily skin. Give your client realistic expectations on this and any service.  Better to under sell and have the client be thrilled when it's better than expected.  

The correct application and timing also helps ensure better results.  Make sure the henna is mixed creamy, not too runny and not too dry.  Create an ombre effect to avoid a boxy look on the brows.  Clients appreciate the time and effort you take in the service and being particular and attentive while performing the service will reflect in the final product.