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Berrywell Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint (6 Colors)

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Berrywell hair dye from Germany is the leading European seller. Each .5 oz. tube is enough for 50+ applications.  6 colors to choose from. Professional use only.  

Berrywell Lash & Brow Tint Instructions

Preparation: Clean the eyelashes and eyebrows thoroughly so that they are free of oil. Place a BERRYWELL paper protector onto the client‘s lower eyelid when lash tinting. The paper must fit well onto the lashes, without any folds, and be pressed on lightly.

Mixing: This should be done immediately before application. Mix a small quantity of BERRYWELL brow and lash colors (approximately 3/4 inch) with approximately 10 drops of BERRYWELL developer. Mix it into a creamy paste.

Coloring lashes: Have the client gently close their eyes, and use the brush, carefully apply the coloring agent on the lashes, until they are completely covered with the paste. After this, apply the same, or a brighter color in the desired direction on the eyebrows, working carefully to avoid staining the skin.

Cleaning the eyebrows: Wipe off the eyebrows first with a cotton wipe.

Cleaning the eyelashes: Lift off the paper protectors with an upward motion, and remove excess color with a cotton ball. Then carefully remove the remaining traces of coloring agent with pure water and a cotton wipe. The customer‘s eyes must remain completely closed.

Warning: Only for professional use -contains p- Phenylendiamin - this product can cause an allergic reaction - wear suitable gloves -rinse eyes immediately, in case of eye contact. Patch testing is recommended.

Easy on your skin – dermatologically tested – not tested on animals – Salon exclusive

Application time is 10-15 mins for colors except chestnut brown.  Chestnut brown should process for 10-20 mins to get a full rich color.