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Let's revolutionize the beauty industry and your careers! Kick start your business with enthusiasm by investing in continued education and adding additional services that will attract new clientele and excite your existing ones. Feel confident providing these services by signing up for training with experienced professionals who can give you the tools for success. Please feel free to let us know programs you would like to see offered. We'll do our best to help accommodate these requests.

Lash Lift Conversion Training to Lash Bomb 

If you are experieced in Lash Lifts and only need to learn how to use Lash Bomb effectively, this class is for you.  Not every Lash Lift product is created equally and should always be used based on manufacturer's recommendations.  This conversion course will teach you how to properly apply Lash Bomb, gives you helpful tips to confidently include this service on your menu of services. 

Instruction includes:

  • full PDF manual for downloading that can be referred to at any time
  • client consultation
  • patch testing/contraindications
  • growth cycle/hair structure
  • tool and shield choices
  • understanding the importance of timings
  • procedure
  • tinting lashes
  • trouble shooting
  • after care 
This conversion course is a Zoom call where we can go over procedures and theory or you can choose to work on a model while I explain the proper protocol and help you achieve optimum results.  This class does not include a starter kit.  If one is needed, there is an additional charge of $150.

    The class is about an hour long.  2 case studies must be submitted within 60 days if student desires a certificate of completion.  Instructor will contact you to set up a mutually convenient date once training is paid for.

    Upcoming Training Dates

    Private Class $100.00 - $250 - Date to be determined with instructor and student at the time of registration.   Live training on Zoom available for training for your convenience and safety.